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In support of hight calories in homeless handouts

Most cities are instituting Anti-Sit laws which prohibits people to sit on sidewalks and streets. Anti-sit laws are design to prohibit individuals from obstructing commerce. In a report by, the study found 30 percent of the major cities in the United States have criminalized sitting or lying on the sidewalk ( Homeless people have very little places to go and therefore must be on the move to avoid criminal charges. It is a documented fact that the human body burns up to 2000 calories a day, dependi…


Different groups of homelessness Q and A

I am not a license professional nor work in the field of homeless rehabilitation. My answers are solely bases on my academic research and experience. My answers are should not be considered fact. The following questions were submitted by different students in my English 102 class.

Why is the most important thing any specific person can do to help out? The most important thing a person can do to help out is helping out at a soup kitchen or a shelter. By working at a shelter, a person can get a better idea about what is going on in their community. Talk to some of the people and get to know peo…


The different groups of homelessness outside of economic hardships

(I had misplace my original copy of my research project. Page numbers are not included in citation). A lot of people attribute homelessness to the current economic hardships. A majority of people and families are homeless because of the decline of the job market. Homelessness is a sad reality in our current society. There are resources out there that can help homeless people like Section 8 housing or Welfare. Congress last year implemented a plan called “Opening Doors: Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness,” which is a 5 year plan to end homelessness (United States). Programs designed to…


What are we compromising on?

People may experience a sense of compromise when faced with the decision to eat fast food. Many Americans are most often in a hurry to drive to important places. Because of time constraints, there might not be enough time sit down and eat a freshly cooked meal. Consumers are given an alternative in the form of the Quick Service Restaurants. Corporate QSR have become popular because of their ability to produce quick food at low prices. Even though films such as “Supersize Me” and “McLibel” have revealed to the public the dangers of QSR’s, particularly McDonald’s, billions of people still patron…


The fight for income inequality on the battlefield of retail

Peterson’s is a local 24-hour convenience store chain in Portland, Oregon. 27 years ago, Doug Peterson opened a News-stand/Tobacco store at the height of the MAX Light Rail construction. Since 1984, Peterson’s has expanded its goods to include post cards, snack foods and adult magazines. Peterson’s also has two other locations, on 5th avenue and Morrison (also on the MAX Line). Peterson’s remains a fixture in Downtown Portland. If a person is waiting to hop on the MAX to go home, even at 2 am when the bars are closing, Peterson’s incandescent lights call out like a bug zapper to a fly. The pri…


Minimum Wages contribute to an unhealthy America

In English class my teacher, Ms. Sullivan, wanted us to do a paper that compared a minimum wage to a living wage. Obviously the teacher wanted us to learn the importance of a living wage and the social benefits, but I had no idea how I would approach this paper.Stumped, I decided to go visit Burgerville, a locally owned fast food place which serves food from local farms and food companies. I ended up paying $12.59 for my order. I would have paid half that amount had I gone to a worldwide chain like McDonalds or Burger King. Unlike other businesses, Burgerville prides itself on community involv…