Thoughts on Class Warfare

The essay I recently read was titled “Class Warfare, the Final Chapter” by Michael Pirsch. The paper proposed the idea that the ability to rise up within the social ranks. The article goes into detail about the elimination of Social Security and the elimination of Democracy by the elite. Mr. Pirsch presents his case of the downfall of Democracy through media as well as government. The Author who wrote the article is biased in his opinion but presents cases for his ideas.Mr. Pirsch’s article on Class Warfare is an article all people should read. It is important in this day and age to read ideas…


Monkey Work

As a returning college student, I feel inferior to younger students who may have a better advantage due to their flexibility in thought and comprehension. I have not taken a college course in over 12 years. The results of my placement test were less than desirable; most of the classes that were recommended for me were at basic levels. But there is a recent idea that I am learning to keep in mind that makes me not as stress about learning in college. The one thing that I am keeping in mind is although what I am learning may seem complex, the learning processes are similar to how primates learn.…



Different Places I've visited.


Hollywood Trip 2008