NMC comics




Covers for NMC comics.

Zetaman #1 v.1

Unused cover art for Zetaman: The Multiverse.

Jack Kirby Tribute

A micro cover/tribute to the King of Comics.

Naked and The City

Cover to Naked Man Comics Trade. On sale via IndyPlanet at www.indyplanet.com/?product...

Bored at Work

The cover to The Schlub: Bored at Work. On sale via Indy Planet at www.indyplanet.com/?product...

Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld inspired Totally Naked Man Illustration.

Elk Statue

Illustration of the Elk Statue in Portland, Oregon.

Deer Sign

Parody of the Portland, Oregon sign.

Rose City

A parody of the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall in Portland, Oregon.