I knew I was flirting with danger. I used copy-written material to sell shirts on RedBubble. I designed a Skeletor shirt from the Masters of the Universe Movie. I received a notice of content removal. But the reason why is not what I thought it would be-

Hi Illya,

We’re sorry, but we had to remove some of your artwork from the
Redbubble marketplace because it may contain material that violates
someone’s rights. We identified this material in your artwork based on
guidance provided to us by the owner of those rights.

More information:

Rights holder: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Subject matter: Thundercats

Affected artwork:

The Loneliness of Evil :



The image was NOT of Mumm-Ra but of Skeletor. I don’t want to dispute this claim because I don’t own Skeletor. So I got busted… for the wrong reason.skeletor


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