Racist He-Man Fans

I followed a You Tube Channel called Spector Creative. It is a channel that goes behind the scenes of the Masters of the Universe toy line. There is a new He-Man cartoon being released by Netflix and Kevin Smith. In the cartoon, one of He-Man’s ancestors, King Grayskull, is black. This caused an uproar on the Spector Creative channel. The followers are accusing Kevin Smith of race switching.

If anyone has done a genealogy search, they would find that people are a mix of a lot of people. My dad did one on my family. He found that we all some small amount Middle Eastern decent as well as African. It is not unreasonable that people are a mixed of a lot of other people. Everyone is mixed. To assume that one’s skin color is the determination factor to ones historical “genetic purity” is gross and ignorant.

The demand by He-Man fans that He-Man must be purely genetically white is.. bigoted. In the 80’s, Filmation wrote added small lessons at the end of their shows. One of the lesson was about race. A bunch of middle age men complaining about Race Swapping means they did not pay attention to their favorite product. They were more content with smashing their toys together to see what broke than the stories on TV.

I am sad to know that I loved a product that was also loved by racist. I guess this was one of the reasons why I wanted to do the Man-Man comic. I unfollowed the Spector Creative channel too. There is little point with fighting old racist men. They will not listen.


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