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I need to start this blog saying I do not know Congressperson Marjorie Taylor Greene. I am not fit to judge the mental health of a politician. I do not know the decisions our elected officials must weigh in on. 

I watched a little bit of the district 14 Congressional debate. I was curious about the debate because I read an odd statement from Marjorie Taylor Greene about Democrats. Here is the YouTube clip that starts at 10:15 –  


This statement bothered me. I have seen this type of accusation before. Some people will throw out wild accusations as fact and imply that it is fact based on the tone of their voice. This is a narcissistic attack. Narcissists throw out some wild insane question and demand that you answer. When you do not answer (because the questions are insane), they view the non-answer as a victory.  

It is better not to respond to this type of question. Narcissists with Borderline Personality Disorder use this type of attack as “proof” that they are right. Some people know that there is no reason to answer insane questions. A few YouTube commentors posted quotes from Mark Twain like “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference,” Or “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” The statement by Congressperson Greene is off-the-rails insane. ‘ 

Here is another statement. The video starts at 15:00 


The Congressperson was questioned about fact checking her statements. Ms. Greene asked what was controversial about her defending freedom of speech or defending the border. I have seen these many times too. It is deflection. The implication is that the ends justify the means. The implication is that Ms. Greene should be allowed to spread lies because the goal is what matters. By hook or by crook, I guess.  

Ms. Greene states that she tells the truth. Her truth is not received well by Democrats because it hurts Democrats. Instead of answering the question, Ms. Greene repeats her political rhetoric. This is what Narcs with BPD do. Dodge, deflect, and accuse.  

No one is victimless in this debate. There was a lot of mudslinging. That is politics, right? It is difficult to know when to respond and when not to respond with outrages statements like “Democrats support child abuse.” That is a loaded lie. Let us call it like it is. A lie design to manipulate the emotions of people. This is no different than getting news from the National Enquirer or the Weekly World News. 

It is important to know that there are Narcissists with Borderline Personality Disorder. These people are dangerous and extremely manipulative. Narcissists are extremely self-centered. They have no ability to deal with past trauma and no ability to form any connection with people. People can have some narcissistic traits. But true Narcs with BPD only look out for themselves. Any sense of charity and good will they have is manufactured. It is not altruism or charity that motivates them, it is a need to be admired and worshiped for how “kind they are.” It is confusing and it is a terrible form of gaslighting.  

True to form, Ms. Greene proclaim victory over the debate. The debate shows otherwise. Sadly, the panels of reporters are correct. The 14th district is hardcore Republican. I do not believe logic and reason will change most Republican’s theories on the world.

BTW, I do subscribe to the Weekly World News website. It is so bizarre and crazy! I love Bat Boy


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