The House of Representatives are drafting a resolution that condemns antisemitism in the U.S. Under the resolution anti-Zionism is considered antisemitism. The policy would label criticism of Israel and as denouncing the countries right to exist.

According to the American Jewish Committee, not all criticism of Israel is antisemitic. Per, –

There is a lot to criticize about the actions of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel Defense Force. In retaliation for the brutal terrorist attack by Hamas, killing over 1200 people, the IDF launched a destructive offense. The actions of the IDF are responsible for almost 16,000 people, mostly civilians and children ( The IDF approach to combating Hamas is simply to carpet bomb the Gaza strip (

It is not antisemitic to say that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people. This is a valid criticism because it is true. 16000 people vs 1200 people is not an eye for an eye. It is overkill. Zionist believe the Jewish people need their ancestorial homeland. Palestinians and Arabs believe Zionism promotes colonialism. Zionism, in their point of view, is simply a reason to appropriate the land from the Palestinians (who were there before the creation of the Jewish state).

Based on the IDF actions, who is to say they are not right?

Jewish citizens who criticize the genocide are arrested by their own government ( Does this mean that the IDF consider their own people antisemitic?

Antisemitism and Anti-Zionist are not the same thing. Antisemitism is discrimination against Jewish people. Implying they are the same is unintelligent and irrational. It is an attempt at gaslighting by the supporters of the Anti-Zion resolution in Congress.

I am revolted by the actions of the Right-Wing government of the Israeli republic. There is nothing to justify so much death and destruction.

I wonder how long it’ll be before I am arrested by my own government for violating their resolution. A resolution that limits my freedom to speech.


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