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The Wall Street Journal release information concerning Vince McMahon and trafficking women. McMahon is accused of sexually abusing and exploiting a former employee while he was chief executive.

I’ve been watching wrestling since I was a little kid in southern California. All the kids at school watched Saturday wrestling. I grew up watching wrestling along with reading comics. When wrestlers tell a story using physicality, it resonates with me. When wrestling is good, its good. When it’s bad, its bad.

I am not a smart fan. I have some idea about what goes on behind the scenes. I knew wrestling is filled with scumbags and creeps. Hulk Hogan using the N-word after sleeping with his friend’s wife is the least of the crazy story. So are Stone Cold Steve Austin’s abusing women or Ric Flair having women touch him without permission. I knew I could not vouch for wrestlers as moral individuals.

The problem I have with some pop culture is the creators and/or publishers. I like the character Superman. But I cannot deny that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were taken advantage of with Superman. A lot of people love Batman but don’t know who Bill Finger is. And I have a lot to say about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Sometimes, certain behaviors or actions taint products. I know some people I’ve expressed my opinion to have stated that the product is more important to the creators therefore their behaviors can be excused. This is an opinion I do not share. It is my believe that every artistic work carries a piece of its creator within the work, even if it is commercial work. A person’s thoughts and ideas are expressed as art. I also believe that some art can easily become subversive.

Which leaves me to wonder how much of McMahon’s personal peccadillos were broadcast. Watching WWE there was a lot of gross and uncomfortable content I cannot excuse. If people read my comics, they know how much wrestling stuff I put in there. I was considering taking the old WWF No Mercy ROM and creating a e-federations that is loosely based on my comics.

Now what? I certainly do not want my kids to watch wrestling. Wrestling has always been a carny show and it appears to remain a show ran by carnies. WWE has been bought by Endeavor and it looks like they started cleaning house by removing McMahon’s influence. I hope Endeavor, or the new company TKO, performs some housecleaning to fire those who taken part in the sex trafficking.

I just feel bad I supported a company that allowed sex trafficking to happen. It is another thing, as I get older, that was not as great as I thought. A lot of illusions go away when you grow older.


P.S. Vince McMahon has been friends with Donald Trump for decades. McMahon, and a lot of wrestlers, are Republicans. Wrestling fans tend to be right-wingers. It is wild how those to proclaim liberals of corrupting kids are straight up accused and convicted of horrible crimes. I know McMahon had a horrible childhood, but it is not an excuse to hurt others.


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