The Count from Sesame Street saying that today's number is 83 million.

Today’s number

The Count from Sesame Street saying that today’s number is 83 million….

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Creepy Old Man

Wrestling has yet again revealed its scummy behind the scenes world with McMahon abusing women….

Close alphabets

Eating Crow 🙁

Out of necessity I used Gutenberg Blocks and I walk back my previous blogs….

Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine (NASA, International Space Station Science, 07/17/10)


I am revolted by the actions of the Right-Wing government of the Israeli republic. There is nothing to justify so…

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No Twitter

A blurb about share on Twitter absent from my sites….

Free computer code on screen

Websites Down

I’m a WordPress noob and proved it with abusing WP Plugins….

Wild Claims

It is dangerous to enter in a verbal debate with Narcissists with Borderline Personality Disorder….

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Simply Static Plugin

With a little CSS/HTML knowledge, Simply Static is a powerful plugin for WP users….

Racist He-Man Fans

I am sad to know that I loved a product that was also loved by racist….

Facebook Privacy

Facebook’s philosophy is that society is in an age of information exhibitionism….

iProspect and Adidas

A new type of advertisement firm is needed. One that specializes in e-commerce and social media. iProspect is this kind…

Free computer code on screen


I have a mixed view on Adblockers….

Free computer code on screen

Cyberwar by Amy Zegar

Amy Zegar, co-director of CISAC and Davies Family Senior Fellow, did a TEDx Talk on Cyberwarfare in 2015….

Two Motor Fuel coupons (coupons)


Groupon is an e-commerce marketplace where local businesses offer deals….