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A comedic ninja spy adventure comic featuring political intrigue and pro wrestling.

Ninja-for-hire Shinsuke Takahashi is paid by a mysterious agency to recover secret stolen plans. Takahashi has to navigate the world of Pro-Wrestling to recover these documents before other nefarious groups find them.

Shinsuke Takahashi is a master of many martial arts forms through several McDojos across southern California. Thus trained, he embarks on the road of professional shadow service. His friend, Robert Wheeler, is his manager/agent who sets up jobs for Takahashi. Takahashi specializes in industrial espionage rather than assassination… in fact Takahashi shy away from any combat. Takahashi is also known as “The Rainbow Ninja” due to his color coordination of his outfits and accidental tattoos that say “rainbow” instead of “awesome.”

The Characters

Shinsuke Takahashi– the rainbow ninja. Takahashi is enamored with Japanese Anime culture and frequently dresses in Anime-inspired outfits in his free time.

Robert Wheeler– Takahashi childhood friend and agent. Wheeler uses his dark net skills to set up illegal jobs for Takahashi.

Agua Gato– The heavyweight champion of the Seven Seas. Gato dominates the world of professional wrestling.

Shinsuke Takahashi, written and illustrated by Illya King. Colored by William Rail. Edited by Stephanie Greenwood.

Coming soon from Mythos Imprint in 2018.

Shinsuki Takahashi

Shinsuki Takahashi

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