Icon for Video Poker

Video Poker

Portland Community College CIS 195P Spring

The project gets data from the user and passes that data to one or more secondary pages using POST method.

Icon for Baby Calculator

Popular Baby Names

Portland Community College CIS 195p Spring 2021

A PHP website to gather data from txt files and create a table from the information.

Icon for 15 Puzzle Demo

jQuery Puzzle

Portland Community College Fall 2020

Students needed to build a 15 number puzzle. The program must select HTML Elements, manipulate the DOM, respond to events, and alter CSS Properties. document.getElementById, ElementsByTagName, ElementsByClassName, addEventListener were not allowed.

Icon for Ace in the Hole Demo

Ace in the Hole Multisports Event

Portland Community College CAS 222 Spring 2020

The project required students to build a mobile responsive website. The site needed registration and contact forms that stored data in a database. The website needed to follow CSS3 and HTML5 standards. The website must contain an image gallery, a FAQ section, and social media widgets.

Icon for Burrito Masala Demo

Burrito Masala

Portland Community College CAS 242 Spring 2020

Project required students to build a one-page mobile responsive website. The client was a local food cart in Portland, Oregon. Students needed to create a SWAT analysis, a brand book, a user journey, and persona templates.

Icon for Portland Historical Tours Demo

Portland Historical Tours

Portland Community College CAS 225 Winter 2020

Students needed to build a website that generated pages using SQL. The project needed a database that contained reservation and contact information. The contact form also generated an email to the user.

Icon for Mobile Commenter

Mobile Commenter Program

FedEx Freight December 2018

A jQuery comment generator for Freight Analysis. The generator assisted in building reports for FedEx Freight.

Icon for Item 680 Calculator

Item 680 Calculator

FedEx Freight December 2018

jQuery calculator for NMFTA item rule 680. The calculator determined if a commodity was less than 65% of it’s container. It also calculated the stability of the commodity per ITEM 680 Note 2 section C.

Icon for WordPress Theme Demo

Theme for WordPress

Portland Community College CAS 111w Spring 2018

Students needed to build a WordPress theme that is mobile responsive. The site modifies the standard customization menu through functions.php file. The project required coders to create custom pages for Woocommerce. Students also built a simple address plugin.

Icon for Lion Website

Lions- King of the Jungle

Portland Community College CAS 215 Fall 2018

The project required students to build a website using LESS/Mixins. The website must be responsive first. The menu uses the jQuery Hamburger script. The header and the background changed when the display size changed.

Icon for jQuery Gallery Demo

jQuery Photo Gallery and Menu

Portland Community College CAS 213 Fall 2018

Using jQuery, students needed to build a gallery with a responsive menu.

Icon for CSS Webpage Demo

Portland Historical Tours

Portland Community College CAS 206 Summer 2018

Final for Principles of HTML and CSS. Students needed to build a responsive website. Portland Historical Tours content provided by class.

Additional projects are on GitHub at https://github.com/illyaking